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Interventions for Mental Health Promotion in The Community

Interventions for Mental Health Promotion in The Community

The World Health Organization has enlisted two types of interventions to promote mental health in the community; macro-interventions and micro-interventions. 

Macro Interventions 

  1. Improving nutrition
  2. Improving housing
  3. Improving access to education
  4. Strengthening community networks
  5. Reducing the misuse of addictive substances
  6. Intervening after disasters
  7. Preventing violence

Micro interventions

  1. Preschool educational and psychosocial interventions
  2. Reducing violence and improving the emotional well-being in the school setting
  3. Effective school-based interventions for mental health
  4. Improving the school ecology
  5. Multicomponent programs
  6. Reducing the strain of unemployment 
  7. Stress prevention programs at the workplace
  8. Improving the mental health of the elderly

Interventions for Low-Income Settings

  1. Advocacy
  2. Empowerment
  3. Social support e.g. improving maternal health will improve mother-child attachment/bonding and outcomes for the child. 

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