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Disorders of the Form of Thought

Disorders of the Form of Thought Form of thought Form of thought is the way people experience or express thoughts and the way thoughts proceed one after the other irrespective of their quantity. It helps in the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders. Normal thinking forms include the following.  Dereistic Thinking (daydreams) Imaginative thinking Rational thinking Formal Thought Disorder The term ‘formal thought disorder’ is a synonym for disorders of conceptual or abstract thinking that are most seen in schizophrenia and organic brain disorders. In schizophrenia, disorders in the form of thinking may coexist with deficits in cognition, and these forms of thought disturbance may prove difficult to distinguish in certain cases. Cameron used the term ‘Asyndesis’ to describe the lack of adequate connections between successive thoughts. Cameron placed particular emphasis on ‘over-inclusion’, which is an inability to narrow down the operations of thinking and bring into action the organized att