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Courses and Mock Exams for MRCPsych CASC

Courses and Mock Exams for MRCPsych CASC Different courses offer unique features. The primary focus of CASC courses is the practice of different stations.  How the authors have organized them can differ; for example, whether candidates take turns completing stations or do complete circuits.  Psychiatrists from higher trainees to consultants staff these exams. Sometimes these might include college examiners themselves.  The role-players include those who have taken the exam themselves.   Communication-focused You can best cover communication and clinical skills within local deanery-run MRCPsych courses. This includes CASC scenarios and can be helpful in the run-up to exams. This may help if communication skills at your medical institute, you did not learn communication skills or if English is not your first language.   Private Courses There are also several private providers that vary in terms of content, cost, and quality.  Some focus on communication skills (e.g. Oxford course), some

FCPS 2 October 2012

Q1. Parents bring a 24-year-old single man for showing violent and abusive behavior, self-muttering, inappropriate social behavior breaking into laughter one minute, and then crying incessantly for no obvious reason. They often see him gazing meaninglessly at objects and standing on one leg for an entire day. He has been ill for over three years continuously. They have treated him with haloperidol, olanzapine, and risperidone with no response to treatment. He has rapidly gained weight in the last few months and now weighs 110 kg. His height is 170 cm.  What could be the most likely diagnosis? What could be the reasons for the poor response to treatment?  What is the likely pathophysiological basis of his rapid gain in weight What will be the individual's BMI?  What lab tests would you request in this case?  In the light of current evidence, suggest therapeutic options that you may consider. 2 Read the following three clinical scenarios careful carefully and respond to queries.