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  Lithium FAQ 01 What are the indications for lithium? We use lithium in the prophylaxis and treatment of mania, prophylaxis of bipolar disorder, as an augmentation strategy for patients with treatment -resistant depression. What are the common signs of lithium toxicity? Thirst, polyuria, memory problems, tremor, weight gain, tiredness, diarrhea. Cognitive dysfunction is the most common symptom that leads to non-compliance. Side effects are dose-related. What is the concentration at which toxic effects reliably occur? Toxic effects reliably occur at 1.5mmol/l but toxic effects can occur at MUCH LOWER LEVELS in many patients, especially in older patients, systemically ill patients, and in use of alcohol or other CNS active meds What are the two systems lithium causes the most damage to? Thyroid and kidneys What are the differences between the brands of lithium? There are differences in bioavailability, and recommendations are to keep to the patient on the same brand. If it is necess