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Bender-Gestalt Test

Bender-Gestalt Test Definition The Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test is a psychometric test used for ages three and over to assess visual-motor functioning, visual-perceptual abilities, cognitive disability, and emotional disturbances. Purpose The Bender-Gestalt is used to evaluate visual-motor maturity and to screen children for developmental delays. The test is also used to assess brain damage and neurological deficits. Individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury may be given the Bender-Gestalt as part of a battery of neuropsychological measures, or tests. The Bender-Gestalt is sometimes used in conjunction with other personality tests to determine the presence of emotional and psychiatric disturbances such as schizophrenia. Precautions Psychometric testing requires a clinically trained examiner. The Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test should be administered and interpreted by a trained psychologist or psychiatrist. The Bender-Gestalt should always be employed as only one elem