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Symptoms and Functioning Severity Scale (SFSS): A Summary Scoring and Interpretation

Symptoms and Functioning Severity Scale (SFSS) The key measure of therapy success is the Symptoms and Functioning Severity Scale (SFSS).1  This scale examines the intensity of general symptoms and symptoms related to children and adolescents' most prevalent mental health problems (ADHD, CD, ODD, depression, and anxiety).  It comprises a 5-point Likert scale for each item ("never," "rarely," "occasionally," "frequently," and "very often"). A total score, an externalising score, and an internalising score are all provided by the SFSS. Youngster, caregiver, and clinician versions are available.  A 26-item version (SFSS-Full) and 2 other variations (SFSS Short Form A and Short Form B) are the different versions. Therapists apply these later 2 versions during alternate therapy sessions to assess change over a short period (i.e., weekly or biweekly sessions). Bibliography Bickman L, Athay M, Riemer M, et al. Manual of the Peabody treatmen