Tuesday, 20 September 2016

ADVOKATE: A Mnemonic Tool for the Assessment of Eyewitness Evidence

ADVOKATE: A Mnemonic Tool for Assessment of Eyewitness Evidence

A tool for assessing eyewitness 

ADVOKATE is a tool designed to assess eyewitness evidence and how much it is reliable. It requires the user to respond to several statements/questions. Forensic psychologists, police or investigative officer can do it.

The mnemonic ADVOKATE stands for:
  • A = amount of time under observation (event and act)
  • D = distance from suspect
  • V = visibility (night-day, lighting)
  • O = obstruction to the view of the witness
  • K = known or seen before when and where (suspect)
  • A = any special reason for remembering the subject
  • T = time-lapse (how long has it been since witness saw suspect)
  • E = error or material discrepancy between the description given first or any subsequent accounts by a witness. 

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