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FCPS-2 Psychiatry Paper CPSP October 1992

College Of Physicians & Surgeons, Pakistan F.C.P.S. PART II EXAMINATION - OCTOBER 1992 SUBJECT:  PSYCHIATRY Paper-I Instructions: 1)   Answer all questions. 2)   Use separate answer books for each question.   Answer the following briefly:- a)     Name five laboratory and four radiological investigations that you would consider while investigating dementia b)     Enumerate five consequences of the victims of child sexual abuse. c)     Name five behavioral methods that are effective in the treatment of obsessional disorders. d)     What are the current indications of psychosurgery? Name four complications and what is its mortality rate. e)     ’Define therapeutic factors in group psychotherapy. Who described them? Name ten of these factors. f)       Name five causes of Wernicke's encephalopathy. What are the three principal features of this syndrome? g)     Define the term ” alexithymia”. Who coined it? Name five of its essential features. h)   Name five clinical featur