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Schizotypal Personality Disorder

 Schizotypal Personality Disorder  Scenario During an informal gathering, a teacher at a medical school discusses with you a first-year student who has just moved away from his parents to a hostel. The teacher states that he behaves strangely and tries to avoid socialisation. He does not have any friends but passes his time with video games. He sometimes enjoys spiritual activities and shows interest in magic. When a colleague tried to make fun of him, he resented a lot and lodged a written complaint with the principal. The parents state he is like this since his former life and has always been "different" but a "good" child. His academic record varies from average to above average. What is the most likely diagnosis? What psychodynamic factors may have contributed? What are the risk factors for developing this disorder? Diagnosis  Schizotypal disorder/schizotypal personality disorder Risk factors This is more frequent among biological relatives of individuals with s