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Preparing for MRCPsych Paper B with Parsa Amin

Preparing for MRCPsych Paper B with Parsa Amin I passed paper B using an online exam in October and thought I’d just share what I did while it’s still fresh in my brain so it can help a few. I had an extremely comfortable pass & this is what I did. 1. SPMM Qbank - as I meant to do this exam in March 2020 (Thanks COVID19)- I ended up doing the Qbank average 4 - 5 times. (I didn’t study between March 2020-May2020). I technically did 4 months before this exam knowledge from previous revision pre-March 2020. I used google/ NICE guidelines to read up on only topics I didn’t understand. Focus on EMI’s on SPMM the month before the exam - if you are scoring well, it shows you know your stuff. SPMM 13 timed mocks (they updated it to simulate a real exam, worth the price) - did only once- timed like in the exam situation, I sat them using the area I sat the actual exam. Cambridge Critical Appraisal course - I also did it twice as I was meant to take an exam in March. SPMM statistics videos -