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Susto A cultural explanation for distress and misfortune prevalent among some Latinos in the United States among people in Mexico and Central America and South America. It is not recognized as an illness category among Latinos in the Caribbean. It's an illness attributed to different events that cause a soul to leave the body and results in unhappiness and sickness as well as difficulties in function and key social roles. Symptoms may appear at any time from days to years after the frightening experience. In extreme cases, it may result in death. There is no specific information about his symptoms however symptoms that are often reported include appetite disturbances inadequate, excessive sleep troubled sleep or dreams feelings of sadness low self-worth interpersonal sensitivity and lack of motivation to do anything. Somatic symptoms accompanying it may include muscle aches and pains cold in the extremity headache stomachache and diarrhoea. Precipitating events are diverse includin