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Recovery Assessment Scale

Recovery Assessment Scale (RAS; Giffort, Schmook, Woody, Vollendorf, & Gervain, 1995). The RAS is a 41-item clinician- or self-report measure assessing recovery and treatment evaluation in adults with psychiatric disabilities. The RAS looks promising as an appropriate tool for monitoring symptom change over time (Hunsley & Mash, 2008; Hancock, Bundy, Honey, Tamsett, & Helich, 2013). The RAS has not been used with adolescents, nor does a separate adolescent version exist. The RAS consists of five subscales: Personal Confidence and Hope, Willingness to Ask for Help, Goal and Success Orientation, Reliance on Others, and No Domination by Symptoms. Sample items include, “I have my own plan for how to stay or become well” and “I can handle it if I get sick again.” (Giffort et al., 1995). Each item is rated on a 5-point Likert Scale from one (“strongly disagree”) to five (“strongly agree”) . The RAS was designed to be administered in approximately 20 minutes. The RAS demonstrates