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Clozapine Induced Neutropenia

Clozapine Induced Neutropenia It has a risk of 2.7% in patients on clozapine. Fifty percent occur in the first 18 months. The risk is dose-independent, idiosyncratic like neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Risk of agranulocytosis is with clozapine is 0.8%.   Risk factors:  Afro-Caribbean ethnicity, early age, low baseline WCC Mechanism:  the mechanism of neutropenia and agranulocytosis is unclear

Dementia: An Overview & Recent Advances in Management

Dementia: An Overview & Recent Advances in Management Prof. Arsalan Ahmad, Consultant Neurologist, Shifa International Hospital. The Institute of Psychiatry, Benazir Bhutto Hospital, hosted a lecture on “Dementia: An Overview & Recent Advances in Management”, on the fourth of August 2016. The guest speaker was Prof. Arsalan Ahmad, the Consultant Neurologist at Shifa International Hospital. The audience included psychologists and residents and consultants from both neurology and psychiatry. Prof. Fareed A. Minhas, Head of the Institute, set the stage for Prof. Arsalan’s lecture.  Part of our tradition, Prof. Minhas said, is to host these guest lectures. He alluded towards the overlap between psychiatry and neurology; many psychiatric patients present to neurologists and vice versa. Invariably, he said, a good evaluation would cause unveiling problems that require both neurological and psychiatric attention. He shared with the audience his satisfaction with the residents from the