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Saturday, 9 January 2021

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Mnemonic for Types of Stress

Mnemonic for Types of Stress

Here is a silly but worthwhile mnemonic to remember the major types of stress 

Change of pressure created the conflict, which frustrated everyone.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Stressors impact on health & well-being

According to richard lazarus, what kind of stressors are having most impact on health and well being ?


Inam Ul Haque Masood;Are we talking about the Lazarus or Kanner. I believe that Lazarus theory was based on the Primary Appraisal leading to Positive , Dangerous and Indifferent Threats leading to Secondary Appraisals and stress in which the Dangerous Threats were perceived to produce the stress and in Kanner hypothesis Daily Hassles had the role. Need a little elaboration

Correct Answer:

The everyday hassles rather than the big events like earthquakes, floods,,,and other disasters

Social Readjustment Scale:

On social readjustment scale, the most stressful event is ?

a) Death of spouse
b) Death of child
c) Death of parent
d) Death of sibling
e) Marriage


Isha Mughal: All
Saqib Siddique: Death of a spouse have 100 points

Nanny Marry: Death of spouse but mostly for women...

Immo Mani: Although all events are stressful but I think number one is the right answer

Ruby Malik: Death of child

Kira Awan: I think it varies from situation to situation... in case of children... its death of case of couple... its death of my case its marriage !!!

Correct Answer:

death of spouse is the right answer. The scale talks about the overall situation not about individuals. Remember this scale is based on research from real people from general population like you and me. So overall people find the death of spouse to be most difficult life change to adjust to.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Terror Management Theory:

Every human is aware of the inevitable nature of death; yet people don't feel as terrified of death as expected even at old age. What mechanism reduces this terror ?

correct answer:

"One theory that explains this is terror management theory"

According to this theory, it is the culture that prevents this fear. People either keep themselves unaware of this reality or those who are aware of it most of the time ; they would be pursuing their cultural goals. In this way they would also be increasing their self esteem. These two (high self esteem, and cultural world view being defended, reduce the fear or anxiety of the inevitability of death. 

For example, Muslims would become more religious in old age and that would also elevate their self esteem and give a purpose to their lives so their death related anxiety would reduce . I think, if i am not wrong, there is a Hadith related to this as well, that we should remind ourselves about death every now and then "remind often the destroyers of pleasures"death [sunan at Tirmhdi]. wherever you are, death will find you, even if you are in towers built-up strong and high" Quran [4:78] (someone correct me). Which according to this theory would make people more religious (if they are).

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Who were the first scientists who theorized that stress may preciptate illness ?

Thomas Homes and Richard Rahe in the 1960s first demosntrated that stress may precipitate illness by studying the kinds of events preceding the onset of tuberculosis. Interestingly, there were also positive life changes among these events e.g. Marriage, birth of baby. According to Himes and Rahe, it is the "change" associated with these events that generates the stress. 

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