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Summary of Treatment Guidelines for ADHD

Summary of Treatment Guidelines   for ADHD       AAP Treatment Recommendations Nov 2019         First-line    Second line    Preschool children (4-5 years)    Behaviour therapy    Methylphenidate        Methylphenidate, if no significant improvement and moderate-to- severe functional impairment    Elementary school (6–11 years)    Behaviour therapy or medication, preferably both .     Evidence      stimulants > atomoxetine > guanfacine ER > Clonidine ER    Summary, NICE Treatment Recommendations 2018        First-line    Second line    Children under 5 years    Discussion    Group parent-training program    (ADHD-Focused)    Medication     (Only a specialist can start)    Start medications only after seeking advice from ADHD specialist services    Children over 5 years    Discussion and ADHD-focused Support     Medication    Support     Offer a minimum of 1 or 2 sessions of support, can be    group-based        education on the causes and impact of ADHD    advice on parenting