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Folie à deux

Folie à deux Also called induced psychosis, folie à deux is a delusional disorder shared by two or more people who are closely related emotionally. One has real psychosis while they induce the symptoms of psychosis in the other or others due to close attachment to the one with psychosis. Separation usually results in symptomatic improvement in the one who is not psychotic. Folie communiquée , folie imposée , folie induite , and folie simultanée are the four subtypes of folie à deux . Folie communiquée Folie communiquée , or subtype C of folie à deux , occurs when a normal person suffers a contagion of their ideas after resisting them for a long time. Once they acquire these beliefs, they maintain them despite separation. Folie imposée Folie imposée , or subtype A of folie a deux , is the most common form in which the dominant person imposes a delusion on a person who was not previously mentally ill. Separation of the two results in improvement of the non-dominant person. Folie induit