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Conversion Disorder

A 16-year-old girl presents with multiple unconsciousness. These started about six months ago and have become progressively worse. During the episodes, there is the jerky movement of the body but no urinary or faecal incontinence. These symptoms last for a few minutes and are followed by drowsiness. Neurological examination is normal. What differential diagnoses would you consider in this case? What other information would you enquire from the family about the episodes? Which specific investigations would you like to order? Differential Diagnosis Conversion disorder (F44.5 Dissociative convulsions) suggested by the episodes of unconsciousness and lack of findings on neurological examination and absence of incontinence. Epilepsy suggested by the recurrent brief episodes of unconsciousness, accompanied by jerky movements and followed by drowsiness Vasovagal syncope suggested by the brief episodes of unconsciousness, jerky movements (may occur) and normal physical examination Paroxysmal a


Cluttering A rapid rate of speech  with a breakdown in fluency, Speech is irregular, with rapid, jerky bursts that include broken phrasing patterns There are no repetitions or hesitations of severity to give rise to reduced speech intelligibility.  F98.6  

Normal Speech Dysfluency

Normal speech dysfluency whole-word or phrase repetitions (e.g., 'I want, I want an apple"),  incomplete phrases,  interjections,  unfilled pauses,  parenthetical remarks.  If these difficulties increase in frequency or complexity as the child grows older, a diagnosis of childhood-onset fluency disorder is appropriate