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APRIL 2017 Previous (solved) Paper IMM

APRIL 2017 Previous (solved) Paper IMM Q11 A 45-year male patient with several years history of mental illness was seen replying to some person abusing him when nobody was around. At the same time, he also reports that he can see a young girl skipping a rope behind his back. During the conversation, he recalled events related to his father's accidental death & burial that occurred two months back but was mostly smiling while mentioning it. He was convinced that his wife is not faithful to him and is having an illicit relationship with one of his friends, although no evidence suggesting, this is available. During his assessment, he was found constantly imitating the actions performed by his doctor and believed that a cart carrying armed personnel will land in his room by making a hole in the roof and will take away all his valuables to another planet. Name the psychological disturbances present in phenomenological terms. Q12 Outline the neurobiology of neglect and abuse in child