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Sensate focus: Masters and Johnson (1970)

Sensate focus: Masters and Johnson (1970) Introduction: Sensate Focus is a psychosexual therapy technique developed by William Masters and Virginia Johnson in the 1970s to address sexual dysfunction in couples. The technique involves non-sexual touching exercises that are designed to help couples focus on physical sensations and enhance their communication around sexual needs and desires. This article reviews the Sensate Focus technique, its stages, and its effectiveness. Stages of Sensate Focus: Sensate Focus is a three-stage process that gradually introduces sexual touch as the couple progresses through each stage. The first stage involves non-genital touching, where couples touch each other's bodies in a non-sexual way, focusing on the sensations of touch and skin contact. The second stage involves genital touching, where couples explore each other's genital areas, again focusing on physical sensations rather than sexual performance. The final stage of the technique involves