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Differentiating Factors of Epileptic and Non-epileptic Fits

Differentiating Factors of Epileptic and Non-epileptic Fits Factors That Favor Epileptic Fits The following Favor epileptic fits.  An abrupt onset A stereotyped course lasting seconds to a few minutes. Tongue biting, especially on the sides Urinary incontinence during the fit Evidence of cyanosis, for example, face turning blue. Injury during the episode Prolonged postictal confusion Favour Non-Epileptic Fits Treatment resistance to over two antiepileptic drugs. Antiepileptics do not affect seizures. Fits occur with specific environmental or emotional triggers. Presence of witnesses, for example, family members at the time of an event. History of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, syndromes. History of comorbid psychiatric illness, personality disorder or substance abuse. History of remote or current abuse or trauma. Presence of repeatedly normal EEGs in the presence of recurrent seizures. Drawn from Benbadis and LaFrance (2010). Sociological features of Psychogenic Non-Epile