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Culture-Bound Syndromes

Culture-Bound Syndromes Cultural Effects Pathogenic effect It means the culture directly causes psychopathology. Patho-selective effect Patho-selective effect means culture causes certain traits, for example, culturally sanctioned suicide of wife when a husband dies prematurely. Patho-plastic Culture influences the manifestation, for example, delusional content. Patho-elaborating Culture reinforces behavioural reactions Patho-facilitative Cultural beliefs affect the frequency of onset by facilitating risk factors. Patho-reactive Culture affects the treatment, stigma, and outcome-prognosis of schizophrenia is better in developing than developed nations. Specific Syndromes Amok F68 disorder of personality and behaviour-dissociative not psychotic-starts with a sullen period followed by an outburst of violent and sometimes homicidal behaviour-seen ins Malaysia, Laos, Philippians, Papua New Guinea, and Puerto Rico. Occurs in Malays, mostly male. Period of wit