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Life Satisfaction Index

  Life Satisfaction Index Also called the Life Satisfaction Ratings (LSR), the Life Satisfaction Index is designed to measure well-being and successful ageing among adults over the age of 50. It is administered by a health care professional. There are five categories that are rated on a 5-point scale. The estimated time for completing the questionnaire is 10 minutes. Neugarten, B.J., Havighurst, R.J., & Tobin, S.S. (1961). The measurement of life satisfaction. Journal of Gerontology, 16, 134-143. Adams, D.L. (1969). Analysis of a life satisfaction index. Journal of Gerontology, 24(4), 470-474. Barrett, A.J., & Murk, P.J. (2006). Life satisfaction index for the third age (LSITA): A measurement of successful aging. In E. P. Isaac (Ed.), Proceedings of the 2006 Midwest research-to-practice conference in adult, continuing, and community education (pp. 7-12). St. Louis: University of Missouri-St. Louis