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Hypochondriacal Disorder

Hypochondriacal Disorder A 34-year-old operating room assistant has presented you in the outpatient department; his physician— to whom he reported ninth time in last three months with a dread that he has human immune virus infection—sent him to you for psychiatric assessment and management. The physician notes he requested him to examine and re-test him for AIDS. He explained that his roommate in the mess recently confessed to having homosexual relationships with multiple partners. The patient never had a homosexual contact nor carries a factor for human immune virus infection. He had anankastic traits; remains worried about his health, however, he has no depression or disturbed biological functions. What will be the differential diagnosis in this case? What is the most likely diagnosis? Justify. How would you manage this case? Differential Diagnosis Hypochondriasis/Illness Anxiety Disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder, these could be intrusive thoughts, but this is less likely. Monos