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Fear Questionnaire

  Fear Questionnaire (FQ; Marks & Mathews, 1979). The FQ is a 24-item self-report measure assessing blood-injury anxiety, social anxiety, and agoraphobia in adults (Marks & Mathews, 1979). The FQ can be used to monitor symptom change over time (Tangen Haug et al., 2003). The FQ has been used in several studies with adolescents (e.g. Wilson & Hayward, 2006), but a separate adolescent version does not exist. Items on the avoidance subscale are rated from zero (“would not avoid”) to eight (“always avoid it”), and items on the troublesome subscale are rated from zero (“hardly at all”) to eight (“very severely troublesome”), and those on the global impact of all phobias subscale are rated from zero (“no phobias present”) to eight (“very severely disturbing/disabling”; Marks & Mathews, 1979). The FQ generates three subscales scores as well as a total phobia score ranging from 0 to 120. The measure can be administered in approximately ten minutes. The FQ demonstrates adequate