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Organic Amnestic Syndrome and Korsakoff Psychosis

Organic Amnestic Syndrome and Korsakoff Psychosis Dr Waleed Ahmad Vignette A 30-year-old woman is brought to you with memory deficits and rigid behaviour. On examination, she appears lean and weak, dishevelled, is disoriented to time, has a flat affect, registration is 3/3, short-term memory is 0/3 and long-term memory appears intact. She does not have any difficulty naming objects. On physical examination, her weight is 42Kg and her height 152 cm. The lady says, there is nothing wrong with her, while her father says she is speaking too many lies these days. The rest of the clinical evaluation is insignificant except for chronic diarrhoea and recent episodes of vomiting.  What finding will you look for on MRI? Diagnosis The clinical picture, in this case, is consistent with organic amnestic syndrome, specifically Korsakoff Psychosis. The most common cause of organic amnestic syndrome is thiamine deficiency.(1) Magnetic Resonance Imaging Increased signal (ie, hyperintensity) in midline

Depressive Pseudodementia

Depressive Pseudodementia Introduction: Depressive pseudodementia is a condition that has been described as having cognitive impairment, memory loss, and other symptoms that mimic those of dementia, but are caused by depression instead of a degenerative brain disease. In this article, we will explore the current understanding of depressive pseudodementia, including its diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment. Diagnosis: Depressive pseudodementia is not a recognized diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), which is the standard diagnostic manual for mental health conditions. However, some experts believe that it is a useful concept for understanding the relationship between depression and cognitive impairment (1). To be diagnosed with depressive pseudodementia, a patient must have symptoms that resemble those of dementia, but the symptoms must be caused by depression rather than a degenerative brain disease (2). Symptoms: The symptoms of depressive pseu

Causes Of Dementia

A PRIME TOWN     * Anoxia, Autoimmune     * Primary neurodegenerative     * Radiation     * Infections, inflammation     * Metabolic     * Endocrine     * Toxin, Trauma     * Other causes     * Vasculitides (W)     * Neoplastic