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ICD-11 Criteria for Dementia due to Cerebrovascular Disease (6D81)

ICD-11 Criteria for Dementia due to Cerebrovascular Disease (6D81) Dementia due to brain parenchyma injury resulting from cerebrovascular disease (ischemic or haemorrhagic). The onset of the cognitive deficits is temporally related to one or more vascular events. Cognitive decline is typically most prominent in speed of information processing, complex attention, and frontal-executive functioning. There is evidence of the presence of cerebrovascular disease considered to be sufficient to account for the neurocognitive deficits from history, physical examination and neuroimaging. Coding Note:       This category should never be used in primary tabulation. The codes are provided for use as supplementary or additional codes when it is desired to identify the presence of dementia in diseases classified elsewhere. Exclusions: Alzheimer disease dementia, mixed type, with cerebrovascular disease (6D80.2) REFERENCE: International Classification of Diseases Eleventh Revision (ICD-11). Gene