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Culture Effects and Culture-Bound Syndromes

Culture-Bound Syndromes Cultural Effects Pathogenic effect It means the culture directly causes psychopathology. Pathoselective effect Pathoselective effects mean culture causes certain traits, for example, the culturally sanctioned suicide of a wife when a husband dies prematurely. Pathoplastic Culture influences the manifestation, for example, delusional content. Pathoelaborating Culture reinforces behavioural reactions. Pathofacilitative Cultural beliefs affect the frequency of onset by facilitating risk factors. Pathoreactive Culture affects the treatment, stigma, and outcome of schizophrenia; the prognosis of schizophrenia is better in developing nations than in developed nations. Specific Syndromes Amok F68 disorder of personality and behaviour-dissociative not psychotic-starts with a sullen period followed by an outburst of violent and sometimes homicidal behaviour-seen in Malaysia, Laos, Philippians, Papua New Guinea, and Puerto Rico. It occurs in Malays, mostly in males. A wit