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 COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS PAKISTAN 27th February 2019 MCPS UBJECT: PSYCHIATRY ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS (TOTAL QUESTIONS: 10) USE SEPARATE ANSWER BOOK FOR EACH QUESTION PAPER: TIME ALLOWED 3 HOURS 2.4 A young unmarried male of 25-year was diagnosed as a case of schizophrenia. There is family history of psychiatric illness in the family. He developed the disease acutely with prominent positive features. He taq responded to treatment within two months and was well supported by his family, however, his family is still very cautious, inquisitive and worried excessively as the patient has adopted a lonely lifestyle. a) What are the factors ointing towards good and bad prognosis in this patient? b) What are the characteristic features of "high expressed emotions family?stilette 1481 ellipse, c) What family interventions can be done in patients with schizophrenia? CHA Q.5 A 31-year-old male presents with history of episodes of sudden onset of palpitation, trembling of body and fea