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Hyposchemazia; Aschemazia

Hyposchemazia; Aschemazia Hyposchemazia is characterized by the reduced awareness of one's body image and Aschemazia by the absence of it. These disorders can have many varied causes such as physical injuries, mental disorders, or mental or physical states. These include transection of the spinal cord , parietal lobe lesions (e.g. right middle cerebral artery thrombosis), anxiety , depersonalization, epileptic auras, migraines , sensory deprivation, and vertigo (i.e. "floating on air"). Idée fixe Idée fixe is an alternate term for an overvalued idea. In this condition, a belief that might seem reasonable both to the individual and to other people comes to dominate completely the individual's thinking and life. Copyright Notice Adapted from Wikipedia. Text is available under the  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0 ; additional terms may apply.