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Negativism Opposition to suggestion or advice, resistance to attempts to move the subject, who then does the opposite of what is asked. Behavior opposite to that which is right to a specific situation or against the wishes of others including direct opposition to efforts to be moved. Negativism is usually a sign of catatonia and may progress to (catatonic) rigidity. It is slightly different from gegenhalten , in which the individual resists movement but does not perform the opposite movement. Also see: Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD). In a neurological or psychopathological context, neologisms are nonsensical words or phrases whose origins are unrecognizable (e.g., klipno for watch), and are associated with aphasia or schizophrenia . Incorrectly constructed words whose origins are understandable (e.g., headshoe for hat) may also be called neologisms, but are more properly referred as word approximations . Copyright Notice Adapted from Wikipedia. Text is available under the  Cre