Mnemonics (Psychiatry)

Mnemonics (Psychiatry)

Psychiatry is full of abstract ideas that are extremely difficult to keep in memory long term. Mnemonics are a great way to help glue the ideas in your memory.

Adult traits Associated with Freud's Oral Phase of Development

Mnemonic for Freud's Stages of Psychosexual Development (

Mnemonic for Types of Stress (

Drugs used to Treat Antipsychotic-Induced Weight-Gain (Mnemonic) (

ADVOKATE: A Mnemonic Tool for the Assessment of Eyewitness Evidence (

Preferred Choices for the Treatment of Bipolar Depression in Children: Mnemonic ( Elements of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mnemonic (

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Mnemonic) (

Improving Medication Compliance in Psychiatric Patients (

Melancholic features of depression Mnemonic (

Components and Principles of management of schizophrenia Mnemonic (

Components of Personality Mnemonic

Delusions in Psychotic Depression

Abnormal beleifs that cause stigma, Mnemonic

Neuroleptic malignant syndrome

Abnormal beleifs that cause stigma, Mnemonic

Most commonly used drugs for Tardive Dyskinesia Mnemonic

Adverse effects of Clozapine Mnemonic

What are the clinical signs of anorexia nervosa?

Psychiatric Disorders Associated with Alcoholism

Clinical features of complex partial seizers, Mnemonic

Erikson's stages of personality development Beautiful Mnemonic

Features of schizoid personality, Mnemonic

Skills taught in Dialectical Behavior therapy, Mnemonic

Long term consequences of maternal deprivation Mnemonic

Psychoticism (Components Of) Mnemonic

Principal features of a therapeutic community Mnemonic

Antipsychotic Groups, Mnemonic

Antipsychotics That Are Relatively Safe During Pregnancy Mnemonic

Causes of Medication Non-adherence Mnemonic

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