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Practice MCQs for MRCPsych Paper B

Practice MCQs for MRCPsych Paper B

MCQs on Trauma

Which of the following is part of a psychosocial intervention where the person seeking help witnessed the death of a loved one to violence? 

Choose the best answer:

  1. They should talk about the incident as much as possible, even if they do not want to
  2. It is normal to grieve for any major loss, and in most cases, grief will diminish over time
  3. Avoid discussing any mourning process, such as culturally appropriate ceremonies/rituals, as it may upset them further
  4. Refer to a specialist within one week of the incident if they are still experiencing symptoms


mhGAP training manuals for the mhGAP Intervention Guide for mental, neurological and substance use disorders in non-specialized health settings- version 2.0 (for eld testing). Geneva: World Health Organization; 2017 (WHO/MSD/MER/17.6). Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO.


A 39-year-old man with chronic schizophrenia gives his age as 26 years during a mental-state examination. There is no history of alcohol abuse. 

What is the most probable cause of this error?
  1. A delusion
  2. Cognitive impairment
  3. Confabulation
  4. Paranoia
  5. Somatic passivity
>> Age Disorientation in Schizophrenia

A 72-year-old woman presents to you with increasing loss of memory, word-finding difficulties, and disturbance in activities of daily life for the last two years. She is not diabetic or hypertensive, and you could not elicit any motor symptoms on examination either. Magnetic resonance imaging brain is pending. 

What change has the most diagnostic significance?
  1. An increased volume of the ventricles
  2. Deepening of sulci in the frontal lobe
  3. Dilated fourth ventricle
  4. Atrophied cortex in the medial temporal lobe
  5. Thickening of gyri
In what area does the neuropathology of this condition begin?
  1. Entorhinal cortex
  2. Hippocampus
  3. Cerebellum
  4. Amygdala
  5. Frontal Lobe

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