Thursday, 7 January 2021

Staccato Speech

Staccato Speech

Staccato speech is because of incoordination of larynx muscle of articulation. In this, each the patient utters each syllable separately, thus speaking in fragments of sentences. Pauses punctuate these sentences, which interrupt and destroying the flow of speech. Such speech is abrupt, broken, and usually quite hard to follow for extended periods, and may make the speaker look confused or focused on something else. 

Scanning Speech Versus Staccato Speech

In cerebellar dysarthria, the patient speaks slowly and deliberately, syllable by syllable, as if scanning a line of poetry, and it loses the normal prosodic rhythm, and we call it a scanning speech. Staccato speech is similar and has an explosive character & slurring of consonants.  

Cause of Staccato speech

Cerebellar lesions in multiple sclerosis produce staccato speech.

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