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Forensic Psychiatry MCQs for the MRCPsych UK

Forensic Psychiatry MCQs for the MRCPsych UK

A 35-year-old man with a delusional disorder has been attending a psychiatrist at the outpatient clinic for the past 3 months. In his latest appointment, he has expressed homicidal ideations that he intends to kill his wife. The psychiatrist discussed the case with his mental health team whether the patient’s wife should be notified of the danger.

What doctrine will guide the decision?

  1. Osman Warning
  2. Tarasoff warning
  3. Pritchard Criteria
  4. M’naughten’s rules
  5. Gillick’s competency

A 29-year-old man with a known diagnosis of schizophrenia went to the police station and has confessed that he wanted to kill his neighbor. The young police officer who interviewed the man discussed the case with his superiors about whether the neighbor should be informed of the death threat.

Which of the following will guide the most likely action?

  1. Osman Warnings
  2. Tarasoff Warnings
  3. Pritchard Criteria
  4. Gillick’s competency
  5. McNaughton rules

A 29-year-old doctor was returning from her evening shift and was walking on a street near her house when a 30-year-old man tried to seduce her by exposing his genitals. She reported it to her uncle, who was in charge of the nearest police station, and they arrested the man for indecent exposure. The court has asked you to assess him from a psychiatric point of view. On your assessment, you found that they have treated him for depression in the past. He gets sexual gratification from ‘exposure to strangers.’ The rest of the assessment was unremarkable. 

What is his mens rea?

Not guilty by reason of insanity


Blameless inadvertence


Guilty intention

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