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Los Angeles Symptom Checklist (LASC; King, King, Leskin, & Foy, 1995).

 Los Angeles Symptom Checklist (LASC; King, King, Leskin, & Foy, 1995).

The LASC is a 43-item self-report measure assessing symptoms of PTSD in adults and adolescents.  The LASC can be used as a screening and diagnostic tool (King et al., 1995). The LASC consists of items corresponding to the DSM-IV criteria for PTSD and items assessing distress and adjustment problems. Sample items include, “Vivid memories of unpleasant prior experiences” and “Waking early in the morning.” Each item is rated on a scale from zero (“not a problem”) to four (“extreme problem”). A preliminary diagnosis of PTSD can be determined using the 17 items within the scale that correspond to the DSM-IV criteria for PTSD.  A response counts towards the preliminary diagnosis if it is rated as a 2 or higher. The LASC was designed to be administered in 10-15 minutes (Orsillo, 2001). The LASC demonstrates excellent internal consistency for both the 17 items correlated with DSM-IV criteria (α = .94) and for the total score (α = .97). For use in adolescents, the LASC has demonstrated excellent internal consistency for the 17 items associated with DSM-IV criteria (α = .90) and the total score (α = .95; (Foy et al.,1997). The LASC demonstrates convergent validity with measures of combat exposure and other measures of PTSD symptomatology (Orsillo, 2001). It has also demonstrated a 75.6% accuracy in predicting a PTSD diagnosis from a structured interview (King, 1995). The measure can be obtained via (dfoy@pepperdine.edu).

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