Friday, 27 May 2022

1500 Questions in Psychiatry: For the MRCPsych

1500 Questions in Psychiatry: For the MRCPsych

This title is directed primarily towards postgraduate trainees in psychiatry preparing for examinations such as the MRCPsych. It contains 1525 questions with answers, explanations and references - ideal for self-testing before exams. The questions specifically focus on topics which occur most frequently in real exams. The combination of comprehensive answers and targeted, exam relevant topics make this book invaluable for anybody revising their MRCPsych.
Prepared by organisers of the Cambridge MRCPych course, which has a pass rate nearly double the UK average
Offers a wide variety of questions on targeted, exam relevant topics together with explanatory answers with a level of detail beyond most self-testing books
Topics selected to reflect those most frequently found in real exams
Topics are presented in manageable chapters each containing 25 questions - ideal for 'dipping in and out' when time is limited
Answers contain full explanations and references for further detail, perfect for general revision and improving areas of need

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