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Types of learning theories in this case

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 Valeed Ahmed Apart from observational learning theory,is there any other theory applicable here

 Rabia Jihan Classical Conditioning

Sanam Munir Operant learning

Precious Faimii opernt conditionning, *punishment

 Valeed Ahmed Operant? Punishment is not a reinforcer

 Precious Faimii 4 types of reinforcemnt,, negative reinforcer, positive reinforcer, punishment and extinction.,,,  if i m not wrong

 Valeed Ahmed Yep u r right

 Noor Noor Classical conditioning

Angel's Dua Classical conditioning,  first of all its important to evaluate the problem of the child before applying any technique, i.e to see what is the cause of his this beh,,, then according to the problem solve the issue,,,, u may apply positive reinforcement to encourage the positive beh and negative reinforcement to reduce negative beh

 Brothers Doll Operant therapy as well as observation is too much important... bcoz through observation we know better those factors which disturb the client...

And behavior therapy is also good option in that case..

 Aneesa Batool Abbasi classical conditioning

Unconditioned stimulus- school bag.
unconditioned response- shouting and beating
conditioned stimulus -school bag
conditioned response- abdominal pain.,,,,
 If we want to prevent this behaviour then 

obeservational theory
operant learning -with reward
( give chocolate or his favourite lunch etc)

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