Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Implied consent

You are about to check a patients Blood pressure. As you Reach the bedside and open your BP apparatus, the patient extends her arm to let you check her BP although you have not asked for a consent yet. What is the best next step

Take verbal consent
Check her BP without asking


Immo Mani  Immo Mani Check without asking

Salma Sultan Salma Sultan Obviously without asking

Valeed Ahmed Valeed Ahmed Extending her arm when she sees a bp apparatus is implicit consent which obviates the need for an explicit consent. The other exceptions for explicit consent are emergency and neccessity (harm likely, competency in doubt)

Misbah Mustafa Misbah Mustafa Means explicit consent should still be taken right?

Valeed Ahmed  Valeed Ahmed No. It is not needed.

Inam Ul Haque Masood Inam Ul Haque Masood Her extending the arm so that you can take blood pressure is a sign of consent and I believe that taking verbal consent is not mandatory

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