Monday, 11 July 2016

Memory Cues

  • fLOxetine has the LOngest half life among all SSRIs

  • Hunting 4 CAGs. The gene for Huntington lies on chromosome 4p and codes for the protein huntingtin and mutations causes CAG repetitions (36+) 

  • AntOn syndrome occurs in Occipital lobe syndrome 

  • T-tWo. Areas with Water appear brighter on T2 weighted MRI images e.g. CSF, tumors, inflammation.

  • HypnaGogic hallucinations occur when you are GOing to sleep. 

  • CatalePSY is associated with the PSYchiatric disorder rather than narcolePSY which is unfortunately associated with cataplexy. 

  • LEFT hippocampal damage causes VERBAL memory deficits, the SPEECH area (Broca's area) also lies on the LEFT usually.  So now, right hippocampal damage causes non verbal memory loss. 

  • PRAder WILLI patients are WILLING to PREY for food. (Insatiable appetite leading to obesity). 

  • Type I error or alpha error is what drug companies tend to commit. Drug does not work but they report it works. That is to reject the null hypothesis when in fact it is true. For example a companies null hypothesis was that paroxetine does not work for children and adolescents and they rejected it. Later on it was found that it does more harm than good. So they had wrongly commited the type 1 or alpha error.

  • Sleep Spindles Seen in Second Stage of Sleep.

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