Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Psychotherapy session is ending abruptly

pllz give your ideas

Read the following case scenario carefully

Khalid came to Mr. Jamil, a counselor working in a local hospital, with the presenting complaints of having anger, difficulty in maintaining relationships, feeling of being alone and lack of interest in daily activities. Khalid also reported himself to be restricting in his social activities since the death of his wife. Counselor developed a management plan for Kahlid for six sessions in which he used different behavioral and cognitive techniques. On the sixth session (the last session) with Khalid the counselor told him that today he will terminate the counseling however he can come for the follow up sessions. But Khalid told the counselor that still he does not find himself able enough to quit counseling sessions. However counselor was of the view that six sessions were more than enough to get out of his problem and now he should practice what he had learned during the course of counseling. Now answer the following questions about the above mentioned case scenario.
1. What flaws or lack of counseling skills you can identify in the current scenario and its
2. What suggestions you can give to the counselor for dealing with the client


Waleed Ahmed The patient should be informed at the start about the number of sessions and should also be educated that he may possibly find it difficult to quit but this will be a requirement . Suddenly informing a patient at the last session, he will be unprepared

Asma Irum: termination at least 3 session k darmyan honi chahe ,,,aur phly se informed ho

Farheen Asif: Average sessions r btw 6 to 12. During sessions new problems start coming to surface in most of the cases. Keeping the intensity of those problems u decide how many sessions will this particular patient need. Also , u need to keep a check on prognosis .If u feel it's a slow prognosis, u will have to increase the no of sessions. Sticking to the no u stated in first session is .... Absurd, specially when even the pt does not feel he is ready for termination. However, if u think pt is asking for more sessions cause u have inculcated dependency in him , then u may consider termination.

 The biggest flaw : 'counsellor thought 6 sessions r sufficient for this problem.' Take 10 ppl with same problem. All 10 of em will respond to the therapy differently in terms of pace of the prognosis. U don't fix session no keeping in view the problem ... Rather session no is determined keeping in mind the risk n resilient factors of the pt.... Cause these 2 factors play pivotal role in determining prognosis which in turn determines how many sessions will be needed.

 Iqra Munawar: its may posible that patient dont want to move away from that situation and therapist...due to fact of emotionly attachment.thats why he make refuses to leave sessions.....so therapist should creat such environment in which he can judge client's origional behaviour ,,intrst

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