Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Consent for pregnancy by adolescent

A 15-year old girl recently becomes pregnant. She went to a doctor for abortion. She told the doctor not to tell her parents about this pregnancy. What is the nest appropriate step in management ?

Inform the parents for the consent
Do not inform the parents and deal with abortion per local laws
Obtain a court order for the abortion
Deny abortion and don't inform the patient


Anam Najam Inform the parents for the consent

Anam Najam correct ans please Valeed Ahmed?

Valeed Ahmed The correct answer is b. In such cases as pregnancy, if the adolescent does not want their parents to know then do not inform them, termination of pregnancy or abortion is then subject to local laws

Anam Najam Does the same rule apply in our country as well?

Inam Ul Haque Masood Local laws may be adhered

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