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Worry and Anxiety Questionnaire

Worry and Anxiety Questionnaire

Worry and Anxiety Questionnaire (WAQ; Dugas et al., 2001). The WAQ is an 11-item self-report measure assessing GAD symptoms in adults. The WAQ can be used as a screening and diagnostic tool (Dugas, Freeston, Lachance, Provencher, & Ladouceur, 1995), and to monitor symptom change over time (Dugas et al., 2003). The WAQ has not been used with adolescents, nor does a separate adolescent version exist. The WAQ consists of two subscales: cognitive and somatic. All items are rated on a 9-point Likert scale from zero (“less severity/greater function”) to eight (“increased severity/low functioning”). The WAQ can identify whether individuals meet none of the criteria for GAD, the somatic criteria only, or all of the criteria for GAD (Buhr & Dugas, 2002). The WAQ demonstrates adequate test-retest reliability over a period of four weeks (r = .76; Buhr & Dugas, 2002)). It also demonstrates good content validity and constructs validity (Hunsley & Mash, 2008). The measure is available online (http://www-psychology.concordia.ca/fac/dugas/downloads/en/WAQ.pdf).

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