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Social Phobia Inventory (SPIN)

Social Phobia Inventory (SPIN)

Connor et al., 2000

The SPIN is a 17-item self-report measure assessing social phobia symptoms in adults.  The SPIN can be used as a screening tool to monitor symptom change over time (Connor et al., 2000). The SPIN has been used in several studies with adolescents (e.g. Johnson, Inderbitzen-Nolan, & Anderson, 2006) and a brief version exists (MINI-SPIN, Connor, Kobak, Churchill, Katzelnick, & Davidson, 2001), also valid for adolescents (Ranta, Kaltiala-Heino, Rantanen, & Marttunen, 2012). The SPIN consists of three subscales: fear, avoidance, and physiological discomfort. Example items include, “Being embarrassed or looking stupid are among my worst fears,” “I avoid talking to people I don’t know,” and “I am bothered by blushing in front of people.” Items are scored from zero (“not at all”) to four (“extremely”). A cutoff value of 19 demonstrates diagnostic accuracy of 79% (Connor et al., 2000). The SPIN demonstrates adequate test-retest reliability over a period of two weeks (r = .78-.89). It also demonstrates significant concurrent validity with the LSAS (Liebowitz, 1987), the Brief Social Phobia Scale (BSPS; Davidson et al., 1991), and the social phobia sub-scale of the FQ (Marks & Mathews, 1979). In addition, the SPIN demonstrates divergent validity with the Medical Outcomes Study Short-Form 36 (SF-36; Ware Jr. & Sherbourne, 1992) and can differentiate between clients with social phobia and those without it (Connor et al., 2000). A shorter, 3-item, version of the SPIN has been validated and is known as the Mini-SPIN (Connor et al., 2001). The Mini-SPIN is rated on the same scale as the full-length SPIN and can accurately identify 90% of people diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder. The measure can be obtained via (david011@mc.duke.edu).

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