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The Trauma History Questionnaire

The Trauma History Questionnaire 

Green, 1996

The THQ is a measure assessing traumatic experiences in adults. The THQ can be used as a screening tool. 

In adolescents

The THQ has not been used with adolescents and a separate adolescent version does not exist; an unpublished child version also exists


The THQ consists of subscales including 

  1. Crime-related events,

  2. General disaster and trauma, and 

  3. Physical and sexual experiences. 

It has 24-items and is available as a self- or clinician-report 

  • The self-report format is designed to be administered in 10 to 15 minutes, 

  • The clinician-administered format is designed to be administered in 15 to 20 minutes. 

The THQ covers a broad range of stressors that map onto the DSM-IV criteria for PTSD.

Scoring and interpretation

Total scores range from 0 to 23. The THQ demonstrates good test-retest reliability over a period of two to three months (k > .70;) and questionable to excellent inter-rater reliability (k = .57-1.00)

Developers established face validity by ensuring agreement among trauma instrument developers regarding which items to include, basing the THQ on previously established measures, and correspondence with DSM criteria. The THQ demonstrates concurrent validity with the Stressful Life Events Questionnaire. Researchers point to the continued use of the THQ in many different countries as an expression of perceived cultural validity. 

The THQ is available in English and Spanish

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