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Revised Children’s Anxiety and Depression Scale Youth and Parent Versions (RCADS/RCADS-P)

Revised Children’s Anxiety and Depression Scale Youth and Parent Versions (RCADS/RCADS-P)

Chorpita, Yim, Moffitt, Umemoto, & Francis, 2000).

The RCADS/RCADS-P is a 47-item self- and parent-report measure assessing anxiety and depression in youths ages 6-18. The RCADS/RCADS-P can be used as a screening tool (Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, 2011), a diagnostic tool (Ebesutani, Bernstein, Nakamura, Chorpita, & Weisz, 2010), and to monitor symptom changes over time (California Institute for Mental Health, 2013). The RCADS consists of numerous subscales, including separation anxiety disorder (SAD), social phobia, GAD, panic disorder (PD), OCD, and major depressive disorder (MDD), as well as a Total Anxiety Scale and Total Internalizing Scale. Sample items include: “When I have a problem, I get a funny feeling in my stomach” and “I get bothered by bad or silly thoughts or pictures in my mind.” Each item is rated on a 4-point Likert scale from zero (“never”) to three (“always”). This measure was designed to be administered in five to ten minutes. It can be scored manually or by using an automated scoring program available at: (

The RCADS include a factor structure consistent with DSM-IV diagnosed anxiety disorders and depression and demonstrates good to adequate internal consistency (α=.78-.88; Chorpita, Moffitt, & Gray, 2005). In addition, the RCADS demonstrates convergent validity with both the CDI (Kovacs, 1985) and the RCMAS (Reynolds & Richmond, 1978), as well as discriminant validity when compared to parent and youth interview ratings of oppositional behavior (Chorpita et al., 2000). The RCADS-P demonstrates high internal consistency (αTotal Score= .95) and discriminant, convergent, and divergent validity (Ebesutani et al., 2010).

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