Sunday, 15 May 2022

Peabody Treatment Progress Battery

Peabody Treatment Progress Battery

(PTPB; Bickman et al., 2010).

The PTPB is a set of 11 measures assessing mental health outcomes and clinical processes for youths ages 11-18. The PTPB collects information from youth, caregivers, and clinicians. All measures associated with the PTPB are appropriate to use as screening tools and/or to monitor symptom changes over time (Riemer et al., 2012). It was designed to be used with youth in service settings such as individual outpatient, foster care, and in-home treatment (Bickman et al., 2010). All measures within the PTPB are brief (2-26 items) and can be administered in five to eight minutes (Bickman et al., 2010). The first six measures assess treatment outcome whereas the latter five measures focus on treatment processes (e.g., therapeutic alliance, and treatment expectation (Riemer et al., 2012). The first six measures are sensitive to symptom change as a result of treatment (Riemer et al., 2012).

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