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Child Mania Rating Scale-Parent Version

 Child Mania Rating Scale-Parent Version

(CMRS-P; Pavuluri, Henry, Devineni, Carbray, & Birmaher, 2006). The CMRS-P is a 21-item parent-report measure designed to assess mania in youths ages 5-17. The CMRS-P is appropriate to use as a screening tool (Pavuluri et al., 2006), a diagnostic tool (Pavuluri et al., 2006), and to monitor symptom changes over time (West, Celio, Henry, & Pavuluri, 2011). Sample items include, “Does your child think that he or she can be anything or do anything (e.g., leader, best basketball player, rap singer, millionaire, princess) beyond what is usual for that age?” and “Does your child have periods when she or he talks too much or too loud or talks a mile-a-minute?” The measure is rated using a 4-point Likert scale from zero (“Never/Rare”) to three (“Very often”). The CMRS-P can be administered in approximately 10-15 minutes. A total score of 20 is recommended to best differentiate between youth with pediatric bipolar disorder, youth with ADHD, and healthy controls, and also to indicate remission from mania symptoms (West et al., 2011). The CMRS-P demonstrates excellent internal consistency (α=.96) and adequate test-retest reliability at one-week intervals (r=.96; Pavuluri et al., 2006). It demonstrated construct validity, with correlations to the YMRS (Young et al., 1978) and Kiddie Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia-Mania Rating Scale (KSADS-MRS; Axelson et al., 2003). In addition, it also demonstrates discriminant validity, distinguishing youth with ADHD from those with bipolar (with or without comorbid ADHD; Pavuluri et al., 2006). This measure is available online (

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