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Brief Problem Checklist (BPC)

Brief Problem Checklist (BPC)

Chorpita et al., 2010

The BPC is a 12-item parent- and a self-report measure assessing mental health problems in youths ages 7-13. No studies have been conducted validating the use of this measure with older adolescents. The BPC can be used as a screening tool, and to monitor symptom changes over time (Chorpita et al., 2010). Sample items include: “I argue a lot,” “I feel worthless or inferior,” and “I am self-conscious or easily embarrassed.” Each item is rated from zero to two. The BPC demonstrates adequate internal consistency for the youth (α=.76) and parent version (α = .82; Chorpita et al., 2010). The BPC also demonstrates adequate test-retest reliability over a period of eight days (r = .72-.79; Chorpita et al., 2010) and good concurrent validity (Chorpita et al., 2010) with the Child Behavior Checklist and the Youth Self Report (CBCL/YSR; Achenbach & Rescorla, 2001).

The measure is available at the Child FIRST website (

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