Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Can you apply for the MTI UK Scheme before passing MRCPsych?

You do not need to pass MRCPsych paper-A or Paper B before you apply for the MTI. You can apply to the program before passing any part of the MRCPsych exams. The following are your requirements to enter the MTI scheme. 

  1. GMC-recognized primary medical qualification from an internationally accepted medical institution. 
  2. An acceptable internship (or equivalent) of 12 months. 
  3. Three years of experience working in Psychiatry in the last five years. 
  4. Working in psychiatry for the last year. 
  5. A score of 7.5 in IELTS academic or grade b on OET taken in the last 18 months.  
  6. You have received or will work towards a postgraduate qualification in psychiatry.

You will be ineligible if: 

  1. You HAVE the right of residence in the UK/EU/EEA/Switzerland.
  2. You WERE a resident of the UK at the time of application. 
  3. You have previously attempted to register with the GMC unsuccessfully, for example, you took and failed PLAB. 
  4. An approved sponsor has turned you down for sponsorship.  
  5. You have failed an examination that forms part of your psychiatric training, including between the time of application and the time of the sponsorship.

Please see the RCPsych website for the complete eligibility criteria here on their official website.

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