Sunday, 29 January 2023

Superego Cafe

Superego Cafe

The Critical Appraisal Company

For more than 22 years, healthcare professionals have enjoyed visiting Superego Cafe. Superego Cafe is a medical education startup, that offers online, in-person, and customised training programs for health. Superego Cafe, a trainee psychiatrist website, was launched in 1999. It expanded to include a critical appraisal, ongoing professional development, and MRCPsych exam preparation courses. The webmaster of's Superego Cafe's MRCPsych Forum was Dr Gurpal Singh Gosall. This website, the top online resource for MRCPsych exam applicants, was created and is now run by him. The website has received positive reviews from the British Medical Journal and Hospital Doctor magazine. To address the demand for our distinctive training method in healthcare organisations and the pharmaceutical business, not just in the UK but also across the rest of Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia, a new subsidiary, The Critical Appraisal Company, was created in 2013.

The critical evaluation assessment has been added to different specialities' training curricula. Now that the company has developed, all medical and dental professionals can take advantage of our training programmes. They now provide virtual training sessions and online courses after launching fresh online content on their website. Please send us an email at to learn more about the courses we offer.

The Critical Appraisal Company operates under the trading name Superego Café.

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